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An unruled Italian writer living in Bali has his life changed when he receives a very unusual gift.

After abandoning his chaotic life in Italy, Giorgio, an unruled writer,  has found a second home in Bali, where he leads a relaxed and somehow purposeless life. While pretending to his family he is working on a novel he never writes, Giorgio spends his days wandering, flirting with the tourists and trying to integrate himself into the community. Wayan, on the other hand, is a Balinese waiter who lives in perpetual debt. Struggling to make ends meet for him and his family, Wayan has to resort his creativity in order to pay his bills. Right now, though, things don’t look so bright for him: owning to a local gangster, he has only one day to gather enough money to pay his debt. The fates of these two very different men cross when Giorgio decides to help his Balinese friend. As a reward, Giorgio will receive an unexpected gift that will change his life forever.

The short film “The scooterist” has to be intended as a proof of concept for the development of a feature film project. The short’s story focuses just on the “inciting incident” in Bettinelli’s life while the feature film focus is more oriented towards the consequences and chain of events that follows that moment.

GIORGIO BETTINELLI (1955-2008) musician, actor, writer, traveller. He is famous for his journeys all over the world riding a Vespa published in Italy by Feltrinelli. the first journey that gave him popularity as a traveller and writer started in 1992 from Mentana (Italy). After 7 months on the road and 24000 km, he reached Saigon (Vietnam). After this journey he travelled from Anchorage (Alaska) to “Tierra del fuego” (Argentina) and from Australia to South Africa. In the “worldwide odyssey”, his fourth journey, Giorgio covered literally the whole world traveling for 2 years and a half and more than 144000 km. His last journey was in China. he died in 2008 while he was working on another book about Tibet.