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Infraredfilm is an indie film production company producing fiction and documentary films. we get inspired by the most incredible stories from all over the world and make films about them. our mission is to bring light stories that show the beauty and the diversity of the world we live in.
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IL VESPISTA - 2020, 8K + Kodak Vision3 S8mm (a film by Francesco Crivaro with Giovanni anzaldo, muhammad khan, valentine payen & asmara abigail)


Francesco Crivaro is a filmmaker based in a small town surrounded by the Italian Alps. He currently works mostly as a cinematographer in indie fiction and documentary film projects. He had longly studied, worked and lived in many different countries in the world before finally calling “home” a place in which he can wake up every day seeing the mountains and have enough space to afford a personal darkroom. Many of his works were selected and awarded in important international film festivals including “A list” and Oscar qualifying ones. In 2017 he decided to start up “Infraredfilm”, an indie production company with the intention of producing some of the stories he brought back home from his travels and professional experiences. Il Vespista represents his debut film as fiction film director and was shot in Indonesia in 2019. He is  working at the moment on the development of a feature film project. While not working on films, he loves taking pictures on film, hiking and listening to music.    


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